Roman Empire

Equipment of a Roman Legionnaire

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The clothing and weaponry of a Legionnaire in the Roman army are described in  a series of posts. This fits well with this blog’s topic of ancient finances. You will also find this fits well with the description of the armor of God as described by the Apostle Paul in the sixth chapter of his […]


Cost of Egyptian chariot

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What was the cost of an Egyptian chariot back in around 1500 BC? That was the state of the art offensive weapon at the time. In Warfare in the Ancient World, Brian Todd Carey gives some hints, which raised my curiosity. Update, other discussion: A few indicators for King Solomon’s wealth; part 1 The Sumerians developed […]

Middle Ages

Illustration of 16th century armament

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The Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego describes the expedition by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo to explore the west coast of what is now the U.S.  He arrived in San Diego harbor in October 1542. In the museum, there are two models demonstrating replicas of 16th century arms. The crossbowman above is wearing a metal helmet […]

Viking Era

Viking sword found in 2017

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On 9/5/17, Secrets of the Ice reported Breaking News: A Viking Sword Found at High Altitude. Many other news sites reported this as well, but the articles I read point back to this article and appear to be mostly a rewrite. (I’m slowly catching on to the idea that is what most news reports are […]