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The goal here is to explore ancient finances. Will also branch out to warfare in ancient times.

Main focus will be on the Viking Age and Roman Empire. Posts previously published at my other blogs will be reposted here. Those posts also explore the loot hauled off by Alexander the Great. Will also put some effort into the American Civil War.

Join with me as I expand my knowledge. I’ll try to go heavy on citations. Because the goal is exploring and learning as I go, there will be contradictory information with changes in info and opinions as I learn. One of the lessons learned is a vast ambiguity exists in what researchers know about ancient times. That means there is a lot of fuzziness in areas like finances, where we expect precision today.

Cross posted articles

Posts originally published at Attestation Update on ancient finances are reposted here. Dates for posting those articles are June 1 through June 3, 2017. The articles are in roughly the same sequence as originally published. However, they are all grouped in early June for convenience and to avoid the implication that this blog has been alive for a few years.

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